Modern Medicine with an Integrative Approach

At The Whole Pet Vet we provide a personalized approach to the healthcare of your pet with a focus on wellness and disease prevention. We believe each animal is unique in its health needs. We do not endorse a generalized approach that provides a packaged set of standards for each cat or dog. Instead, we look at the pet as a whole including its lifestyle, and make recommendations for your pet’s health and wellness based on its unique physical, behavioral, emotional and environmental needs.   

Our brand new facilities feature state-of-the-art medical and surgical facilities, quiet rooms for a calm, soothing, stress-free environment and health care options that include traditional modern western medicine and integrative holistic medicine to optimize the wellness of your pet.  

The Whole Pet Vet is inviting for people and pets, offering refreshments in a relaxed, comfortable environment with soothing music and quiet places to chill out with your loved one. The entire staff, from the front desk assistants to the veterinary technicians, is trained to help reduce pets' fears and promote a feeling of safety and trust.

We utilize green techniques, such as electronic reminders, recycled office supplies and filtered water to eliminate plastic waste. We pride ourselves in an open-door policy, and invite our clients and patients to tour our entire treatment, hospital and surgical facilities so you know your pet will be in good hands in our care.

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